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You may have landed on this page because you are yearning for greater freedom and choice in your life.

We all find ourselves seeking at times.


My approach is compassionate, somatic, and mindful. I'm inspired by a depth approach to human experience, informed by attachment and human development, and committed to a non-pathologizing and liberation framework that recognizes how social systems impact us.

My hope is to support you to find your own inner knowing, uncover/recover your capacities for healthy relationships (with yourself and others), and to move toward creating the world you want to see, including one that is more equitable, less harmful, and more joyful.

I welcome the chance to journey with you toward greater self-awareness, creativity, and connection in your life.

“Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced as birdwings.”

— Rumi

birds on a wire
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Hi! Nice to meet you—I am Stacy Lewis (she/they), a trauma-informed, somatic psychotherapist who supports adult individuals to remember choice and connection and to commit to their “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver). 


I am passionate about helping you make sense of your struggles, hopes, and strengths, by looking within—to repeated patterns, critical thoughts, and unfinished business; and without—to your identities, relationships, and society.

In our work together, I use a responsive and reflective approach that meets you in the moment. Working with me will include periods of mindful reflection, active inquiry, tuning in to body sensations and emotions, and working with the present to understand the influence of the past.


Overall, my approach is collaborative and rooted in curiosity and friendliness—toward all parts of ourselves—in the interest of aiding you to reach a greater sense of wholeness and increased access to choice.

My work includes aspects of Hakomi therapy, somatics, Focusing, Buddhism, Mindful Self-Compassion, Lifespan Integration, and Internal Family Systems (IFS). I am informed by depth/soul-based psychology, nature, animism, interpersonal neurobiology, human development, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and social and racial justice. I consider myself a LGBTQIA-affirmative and neurodiversity-affirmative therapist. More about my training and living lineage/accountability.

In my practice, I seek ongoing training, consultation, community, and information to support me in providing socially responsive care that meets your experience of race; ethnicity; gender; age; abilities; sexualities and relationship configuration; body size; neurodivergence; national origin; indigenous roots; religious or spiritual beliefs; socioeconomic or immigration status; and all identities that are important to you.

be softer with you.

you are a breathing thing.

a memory to someone.

a home to a life.

          — nayyirah waheed

About Me

I am a bi cis-gender, white-bodied woman. I am currently able-bodied although I have at times been impacted by chronic illness. I consider myself sensitive and neurodivergent. I grew up in an agnostic, middle-class family on Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida land in Southeast Alaska. Along with my siblings, I am the first generation to graduate college. I hold an MA in counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a BA in anthropology and gender studies from Bard College. My previous work was in feminist book publishing and technical writing and editing.

I live on the ancestral and unceded land of the Duwamish people, also known as Seattle, deepening my relationship with ocean, forest, and urban landscapes. I create a home with my Filipino partner, our two young adult children, and three funny cats. I love to write, walk, garden, and go deep with friends, family, and my cohousing neighbors. I am an always-beginning-again knitter, a lover of languages, and enjoy down time to replenish and refresh my receptivity and joy at being alive in this amazing and complex world.

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I see adults (18+) who are experiencing anxiety, depression, self-criticism, sensory overwhelm, and oppressive social systems, and who are interested in developing a fulfilling and powerful relationship with themselves and others, from
the inside out. I use reflective listening, embodied inquiry,
and somatic practice, and share tools and information so you can build inner resources and connect with external supports.

lake reflection


Therapy can be deeply personal and interior work, but in my practice, this is never at the expense of ignoring unjust social systems. I am committed to dismantling white supremacy and racism in myself and my communities and aim to be accountable to the impact of race, gender, class, and other identities in our work together.
I give 1% of my profit to The Therapy Fund Foundation, Trans Lifeline, and Holistic Resistance.

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If you are a new, struggling, or transitioning parent, I am passionate about helping you find balance so you can be the parent you want to be. Using inner work as well as information about attachment and development, I will support
you to gain freedom in relation
to your own early life experiences and implicit beliefs and to move toward building a strong and warm relationship with your child(ren).


$140 for a 50-minute session, individual adult

I do not accept insurance but I am happy
to provide you with a superbill if your health plan offers out-of-network reimbursement. 

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1817 Queen Anne Ave N, Suite 211

Seattle, WA 98019

In-person sessions preferred

Telehealth available (if you are in Washington State)

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to explore working together. Please contact me to learn more.
I look forward to hearing from you!

206-929-2363 | 206-267-0406 fax

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